Dyeing effect
Atmospheric , dynamic dyeing machine. The goods are moved by a paddle through the dye bath. Heating and cooling is done indirectly by a small volume heat exchanger and therefore very narrow to the setpoints, also a heating with a non turning paddle is possible. Speed and direction of the paddle is easy for user programming, and therefore the mechanical treatment of the goods is in control. In practice higher liquor ratios are used, to compensate this effect choose options like pH-Pilot, dosing of concentrated dyestuff and chemicals, additional nozzles and additional storage tanks

Typical machine sizes      
typical: 60, 90, 120, 180, 300 and 500 liters. All parts which are in contact with the dye bath are made of stainless steel. The dyeing tubs are made out of a construction kit i.e. other volumes can realized without additional costs

All tubs up to 300 liters are on a socket inside a basin, the electric panel is also integrated i.e. the tubs are easy to handle with a pallet truck

Process Control Ticco5 and automatic working      
Industrial touchpanel PC with windows as operating system. Easy network integration and remote access over internettools A digest of the function list: filling warm or cold water, mix temp., bottom, nozzles, sprayrod paddle drive in [%], direction, reverse time temperatur and pH setpoint, gradient, holdtime bath back, circulation, dosing linear over time, progressiv ... drain ports, amount cleaning, rinsing, spraying      
• pH-Pilot; control loop to adjust dyebath pH
• dosing of concentrated dyestuff and chemicals (scale tank)
• dissolving and storage of chemicals (color kitchen)
• nozzels to improve moving and interaction of the goods in the dyebath
 • controled filling and calling of addition tanks
• one Ticco5 process controller for multiple tubs
 • smooth level sensors