deying effect
Atmospheric , dynamic dyeing machine. The goods are moved by nozzles in the bottom, similar to a whirlpool. Heating and cooling is done indirectly by small volume heat exchanger plates inside the machine and therefore accurate, also the heating on non moving goods is possible (static Hydrofixation). A swimmer will keep the goods under the surface of the dyebath. The goods are not driven by a paddle or a drum, they are only moved by the flow. This ensures a very gentle mechanical treatment of the goods, best dyeing results even for “heavy” goods and microfibers. To work flexible with different loads, the filling level can be adjusted in a wider range, i.e. recipes can be kept nearly constant (middle type: 4 -20 Kg). The nozzle power is free to the users program also the moving of the swimmer, therefore the magnitude of mechanical treatment is adjustable. To improve water consumption and dyeing results please choose options like pH-Pilot, dosing of concentrated dyestuff and chemicals, additional nozzles and additional storage tanks    
Accurate temperature- and pH control loops      
Adaptive control loop for temperature (for example the filling level has an influence). Also the pH-Pilot leads to a high reproducibility of the dyeing with a high exhaustion of the dyebath and best fastness results.

Typical machine sizes
50 - 150 liter 150 - 500 liter 250 - 750 liter 400 – 1200 liter All parts which are in contact with the dye bath The Flexiltis are made out of a construction kit i.e. other volumes can be built.
Process Control Ticco5 and automatic working      
Industrial touchpanel PC with windows as operating system. Easy network integration and remote access over internettools A digest of the function list: filling warm or cold water, mix temp., bottom, nozzles, sprayrod nozzle power in [%], direction, reverse time swimmer, up, down, passive time temperatur and pH setpoint, gradient, holdtime bath back, circulation, dosing linear over time, progressiv ... drain ports, all, level, cleaning, rinsing, spraying  
• pH-Pilot; control loop to adjust dyebath pH
• dosing of concentrated dyestuff and chemicals (scale tank)
• dissolving and storage of chemicals (color kitchen)
• nozzels to improve moving and interaction of the goods in the dyebath
• controled filling and calling of addition tanks